To become an active member and retain membership, a student must:

  • While in school, be enrolled in at least one agricultural education course during the school year and/or follow a planned course of study; either course must include a supervised agricultural experience program, the objective of which is preparation for an agricultural career.
  • Show an interest in the affairs of the organization by attending meetings, striving for degrees of membership, and participating in other organized activities of the chapter.
  • Pay all current state and national dues by the date determined by the chapter.
  • Display conduct consistent with the ideals and purposes of the National FFA Organization.
  • A member may retain active membership until November 30 following his or her fourth national FFA convention after graduation from high school. For more information on active membership, take a look at the National Constitution and Bylaws, Article V, Section B.

Annual national dues are $7 for active members of which $2 is used to provide a year’s subscription to FFA New Horizons magazine. State dues in Florida are $10 and local chapters may also collect membership dues.

Updating and completing your FFA chapter’s membership roster

[message type=”error”]Florida FFA cannot “see” your password. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the reset feature to retrieve a new one.  If you do not have a username or password, please contact Florida FFA.[/message]
  1. Login to the Agricultural Career Network. (AgCN, Available on username and password has remained the same from last year.
  2. Click “Resources” and review the steps to updating your membership roster.
  3. Renew returning members from the list of “expired members.” (only use the Student 1-year option for FFA members)
  4. Add new students/members individually by using the “Add New” button in the “new students” section or by importing a class list using the “Switch to Clipboard” feature. (follow the online help guide for this feature)
  5. After renewing and adding all of your students/ members, click “Preview Submission” where you will then have one last opportunity to make any changes to correct any duplicate issues.
  6. Finally, click the buttons labeled numerically at the bottom to submit your roster. These must be clicked in order. (at the end of the process, the “submit to” column will display “state” if your students/members have been submitted successfully)
  7. Please note the Quality Chapter Plan will send you the official Florida FFA invoice, you can disregard the invoice generated by AgCN.